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Welcome to Term 2, Rm18 Sky Riders and whanau!


Day 3 of our return and  Rm18 learners completed their "Window into their 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown" using images and words to share what they have been doing during the last 7 weeks.  


18.5.2020 Week 6  

Level 2 and it was such a joy to be back in class today!  It was wonderful listening to children's feelings and experiences about their lockdown.  The children and I  look forward to the rest of the class returning:)   

Ms Vaka says hello! (Click on the link, then the far left image)

Say hello back to Ms Vaka! (Just click on this link)  You can do it!!!

Monday 11 May 2020

Welcome to Week 5 which is hopefully the last week of learning from a distance:)

Hoping all of our Rm18 learners had a lovely day with their Mothers and other significant ladies in their lives yesterday.  A very late HAPPY MOTHER's DAY ladies!

Rm Skyriders I look forward to hearing about your day yesterday and remember to check for your morning email at 9am where you will find the link to our Google meet/class check in at 11am each day.  Lets make this full attendance this week. Don't forget you have a variety of choices with Distant Learning experiences to fill your timetable for the day up:

-FBS Values learning experiences 

-Study Ladder, remember your username and password is in your homeworkbook 

-Ministry of Education Learning Packs

-Weekly Quiz in your other documents

-Check out fitness with Mrs Young 

-Home Learning TV Progamme on TVNZ channel 2+1 or Sky 502

Ms Vaka 

annev@flatbush.school.nz .

Good on you Penny!  Hope Mum had a great Mother's day.

Late HAPPY MOTHER's DAY ladies! 

 This is a photo of my Mum and Teidyn as a baby.  I would love to see some photos of you and your Mum.

Leftovers of my Mother's day gift from my daughter Teidyn,  cake and pineapple pie which she made under the supervision of her Nana.  

Wow Kitana and her Wipani whanau!  Like many other households alot of Fitness, Tiktok and cooking filling up their daily timetable.  Not to mention the double amount of chores learners are stating they are having to do::))  Thanks for sharing!!  Take a look click on the pictures.

Still working on my computer skills, unable to rotate this tiktok:(

Wow Kitana !!  Keeping her timetable very busy, learning from a distance.  Outstanding!

Great effort from Penny working on her math and reading.  Fantastic Penny!

Fabulous effort from Noah working through Workbook and various tasks.  Welldone!

Week 4  Monday 4th May 2020

Here we go Rm18, with all of NZ staying home and keeping safe this may be our last full week in Level3 lockdown!

What will you do?  Where will you go?  Who do you want to see?  

While we are still in Level3 don't forget to join me and your fellow learners at our 11am googlemeet.

Thanks for all your wonderful efforts with  Distant Learning so far, keep it up!

Check out the hut CJ and his siblings have made for themselves outside their bubble house yet still within their bubble grounds!!

Well done to Kaho, caring for his siblings, bringing his brother and sister to our Rm18 checkin.

A couple of messages from Noah


Hope you're having a phenomenal lockdown time with your family,can’t wait to see you on the first day back to school. I miss having fun with you and the boys like William,Shane,Vj and Kaho. See you on the first day of school!

From Noah


How’s your lockdown going? Even though we go on calls everyday to play our games, muck around and do homework, I miss seeing you, Flatbush school and the boys.  I will love to see you all again on the first day back at school.  I hope you have the best last days of your lockdown as possible.

From Noah

Week 3 Tuesday 28th April 2020

Kia ora koutou,  hoping you and your whanau have had a great ANZAC weekend, the last weekend at Level4.  Well done Rm 18 learners! We can do this next 2 weeks at Level 3, staying home and keeping safe.  Learning from a distance:)

This week, from Wednesday onwards you are able to pick up a learning pack from the school library.

Please note that we will have social distancing practices in place, similar to when you visit a dairy or supermarket. We will have one in and one practice in place.

Years 5 and 6: 11.30am-12.30pm

Remember to share your work with me, or bring it to our checkin meeting so you may share with other Rm 18 learners. Bring any questions you or your whanau may have to the meeting too. 

This week make sure your being kind and helpful to all those within your bubble.  If your bubble has a set timetable for you and your bubble members with additional learning experiences, thats great!!  Send me a photo of what your whanau is doing!

Have a fanatastic week Rm 18 Sky Riders and enjoy whatever you are working on or learning within the saftey of your bubble!

Ms Vaka 

annev@flatbush.school.nz .

Take a look below at some of the work/photos the Rm 18 learners have been sharing.

Tuesday 28th April 2020 

Last week during our Google meets we welcomed Nikolas, VJ and for a brief time Kataua who made it in by phone.  Well done!

Instead of drawing his house floor plan, CJ has decided to make a model of his bubble home with a collection of words from each room.  These words will be used by him to assist CJ and our group to create a story within the next Google meet.

Alien Style ( how to wash your hands )    by Kitana                      

How to wash your hands for colourful and tiny aliens. 

Step 1: Go to the nearest tap and turn on the cold or warm water.

Step 2: Next put your hands under the water for about five seconds then turn off your tap, before using your soap.

Step 3: Use your soap or hand soap and start rubbing in between your fingers to make it very soapy. 

Step 4:  Continue washing your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds.

Step 5:  When you have finished washing your hands for 20 seconds turn the tap back on and start rinsing your hands, making sure that every little bit has no more soap on it.

Step 6: Once you’re finished rinsing your hands, turn off the tap.

Step 7: Use a towel to dry your hands and make sure to dry in the middle of your fingers too.

Step 8: Before leaving the spot you were in don’t forget to leave it clean.

Now you know how to wash your hands, I hope that I have given you lot’s of information about how to wash your hands. Remember to wash your hands before you eat,after you go to the toilet,when you come inside from playing and keep safe from germs by keeping your hands clean!  

We had a couple of new students join our Google meet Monday, Heleina and Kaho.  We were also lucky to have Mrs Mayerhofler join us too.  

A family tree displying who's in his bubble shared by CJ!  Wow gender colour coded too!

Week 2 Monday 20th April 2020

Rm18s First check in 11am via Google Meet.  How fabulous to see and talk to 8 of Rm18s learners.  What a wonderful learning experience for the children and myself.  A big shout out to William and VJ for attempting to join the meeting via phones, I'll work on figuring out how to do that, and keep you updated. 

These learners shared how they have been busy cooking, helping clean their houses, baking biscuits and cakes, working on class work, fitness activities, tiktok dances, watching TV, playing games but most of all eating alot!  They are getting bored, they miss their friends and school.  

Learners shared some of the learning tasks they were going to work on today.  We each had a turn to talk and the children learnt the art of muting their microphone and turning the camera off without accidentally leaving the meeting:)  They also learnt they could send written messages while someone was talking. A wonderful ICT and oral language learning session, Ms Vaka left the meeting at 11.45am and some children chose to stay on and talk to each other. I know because I checked back in at 12.05pm:) 

Lata shared a final message with the group "Stay home, stay safe and lets beat this virus"  All the learners agreed with her.

Manase, CJ, Kitana, Otufanga, Shane, Noah, Carloz and Lata well done for making your way to the meeting!

Rm 18, nextmeeting 11am Monday 20th:)  Give it a go, we missed the rest of you today. Look forward to seeing you at a meeting, when you can make it there.

11.03- Then there was 4 learners:)

11am Rm18s Meet and Greet. These Rm18 learners Shane and Noah were there early 10.50am.looking for me:)

A letter Rm 18 learner Kitana wrote yesterday.  Gorgeous message Kitana, demonstrating the values Manaakitanga and Atawahai.  Well done!!-Ms Vaka

Dear Magnificent Uncle Eti,

I would like to give you a huge thank you, for helping people at a horrendous time like this. 

Being a frontline worker must be terrifying. Your constantly make people smile,laugh and make them feel better twenty four seven. Even though you can catch this petrifying sickness, I hope you are staying safe at Middlemore hospital. 

Thank you for always working hard and looking after others before yourself. You are very amazing, patient,loving,helpful,caring and thoughtful, I am proud to call you my uncle. 

Love you


Rm 18 learner, Nikolas has made an early start to his learning today 6.28am, working on some of the journal book activities delivered to his house:)  Well done Nikolas!!  

Nikolas also had a big day yesterday observing and learning  about haircutting in a creative and artistic manner, as his older brother ex FBS learner Joseph took care of his 4 brothers hair, including dads. He has also been practising the values Mahi Ngatahi, Manaakitanga and Atawhai , making cups of teas for everyone and offering to do more chores within his household.  Go Nikolas, keep up the great work and learning. Ms Vaka is very proud of you!

Term 2, Friday 17th April 2020

This Rm18 learner said this morning he will get all the above tasks finished today, Thursday. I've reminded him about quality not quantity when it comes to completing tasks.  Mum has sent through this photo of him just after lunch.  A hard day with distant learning class Nikolas and with all this rain, I completely understand time for an afternoon break:)

Term 2, Thursday 16th April 2020

Kitana and her bubble members

In my bubble I have my two older sisters named Kasidy and Kaylee. I also have my gorgeous mum and my handsome dad,who is an essential worker. Also I have my beautiful nan and my helpful koro with me during this lockdown.  

Check out what Noah has been getting up to in his bubble!

Members in Carloz's bubble

Term 2, Wednesday 15th April 2020

Welcome back to Term 2, Rm18 Sky Riders and whanau!

Ms Vaka says hello! (Click on the link, then the far left image)

Hoping you and your whanau had a good Easter weekend and are all keeping safe and well during this Covid-19 lockdown?  This week I look forward to making contact with you and your whanau via email and phone.

Who's in your bubble?  My lockdown bubble consists of Ake, Teidyn,3 cats Ryley, Piper and Tonga.   Log into your gmail and send me a message or photo of your bubble members, annev@flatbush.school.nz.

My only child, 19 year old daughter Teidyn on lockdown in her bedroom during Easter weekend.  She is living between 2 bubbles, mine and her dads house where she is helping to take care of her grandparents, while he is at work.

Piper, Tonga and Ryley on lockdown! Tonga's parents are from Otara, he is the son of the grey cat that use to visit the Senior classes. My daughter came home with the other 2 girls from the SPCA.  Tonga is only 6 months old while the girls are now 1.

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