Flat Bush

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Rm 18 Skyriders!   Where the "Sky's the Limit"

A wonderful sports day of exchange with Manurewa South for all of us to watch and celebrate our sports teams!

Penny going for that try line!

Mr Tuia working hard as a ref while Temu and Penny make us proud with their efforts!

Otufanga and Temu taking on a skytower

Nikolas the bulldozing making creating a running track for his team members!

Ake giving League a go!  You go girl!

Our budding artists supporting their peers from a distance!

Year 6’s Adventure World trip- highlights of their day:

Adventure World was so much fun but the best part I liked was going on the Go Karts, it was so much fun drifting down the track.


We both went on the zipline, I was so scared even as scared as a mouse is with a lion.


We walked up Mount Everest and my best friends and  I  went on the freakiest ride. It’s called the ZipLine. We howled as we went down the ride.


My highlight of the day was going on the ZipLine with Noah, we went down so quickly like birds.  Noah was in first but I passed him and it felt like I was superman flying past Noah.


What a  blast I had yesterday as all the adventurous Year6’s went to a nerve racking place named Adventure Park!


The whole park lived up to its name, walking around and testing those interesting and sky-high toys was insane!


Year 5’s highlights of their day while in other classes:

In the last block me, Carloz and CJ went to get our boards to draw on. My favourite block was that last one because I love drawing.


My highlight of yesterday was when Ake, Mathew and I went into Rm9 because it felt like we were the specialist people in their class.


The highlight of my day yesterday in the beautiful Miss Browne’s class was when she let us draw.


When I arrived at the cute, smart class Room9, I felt like I was a little kid again OMG!  I had the best day ever because they provided lots of love and they were really quiet so we could finish our work.


Year 5’s Highlights of their day not at school:

What a blast, last Friday was because I stayed home with my mum. First we hit the road to go to McDonalds and I had a Big Mac while Mum had butter chicken.


The highlight of my day was when I walked home just as my fabulous mother drove into our long and packed driveway.


Last Saturday me and my family woke up early in the morning because we went to take a family photo. 


Woah! What a new fresh weekend. I packed my lunch and off we went to the Zoo! Wipeeee! After looking at all the animals, we ate a gigantic feast just like the animals. We were stuffed like voluptuous pigs.


Rm 18 learners testing their answers matching nets to their shapes.

Year 5’s highlights from last Friday:

Last Friday Joseph came with his fabulous family so we sang Joseph the song “Mountain High enough”, as we sang the song this Duffy guy came out of no-where!


The whole school sang songs for Joseph Parker.  Then at the end we took some photos for him and that was the coolest thing that’s happened to me.


My highlight of last Friday was meeting Joseph Parker when the fabulous, terrific Room 18 took a photo with him.


We had a photo with Joseph Parker. Joseph Parker was so happy with kids from Flat Bush. He came last Friday and he was so much fun.


The highlight of my day was seeing Joseph Parker surrounded by cameras with lights brighter than the sun.  My favourite part was taking a picture with him as it felt like I was already famous just like that!


10 Otara Authors launch their book, including our very own Otufanga and Noah!

Week 1 Term 4

Wow a wonderful start to the Week!  Rm18 welcomed student teacher Mr Tuia back into our class and we thank him for all his wonderful help in class and outside during lunches. Photo coming!

                                     FRIDAY FUN DAY-"Who wants to be a Millionaire?"

After  a few days of using our imaginations which leads to 

 WAIRUA ARAHAU/CREATIVITY, our Term 4 Student Inquiry.

 Rm18 learners left me lost for words as they completed a brief description of their last night’s dinner with the most attention grabbing sentence starters .Their short text independently written with NO aid  or editing from an adult or a computer , hand written within 9minutes and 58 seconds!

One example of the great quality! Written by KAHO 

You wouldn’t believe what I had for dinner.  Yes Pizza!!  It was the most scrumptious, mouth watering, phenomenal dinner I’ve had in a very long time, longer than the time I was not in school.  I had pepperoni pizza and it tasted like Gordon Ramsay made it himself.  I didn’t finish it so I gave it to my beautiful and incredible Grandma.  It wasn’t fancy or anything but when it was in my mouth it tasted like most pizzas but 5x better! It was a never ending cycle of deliciousness.  (Kaho)

Last night's dinner written by Kataua

OMG!  What a scrumptious dinner I had with my family.  “Kids come to the kitchen” said Dad with the most hairiest beard ever.  He was standing next to the food with angels singing beside the food.  We were gazing at the food with the gorgeous smell climbing through our nose.  Looking at the squared, crispy and crunchy lasanges smiling at us and waiting for us to eat them.  Crunch, crunch, crunch and the lasagne went into our mouth watering mouths.”  Greatest dinner ever” my dad said and we all replied “Yeah, sure is!”

Remaining Rm18 Learners sentence starters:

What a scrumptious juicy dinner I had last night!  (Eli)

Uuugh!  Last night at dinner time I couldn’t eat a thing (Lata)

I can’t even explain how delightful dinner has been over the last couple of days (Ake)

My tummy started to rumble as if it was about to explode( Penny)

Nom, nom, nom one huge slice of cheesy, stretchy pizza filled my gigantic mouth for dinner last night.(Otufanga)

Spiciest dinner I’ve ever had! (Ngamarama)

You won’t believe what a splendid dinner I had. (Carlos)

It was a starry night, me and my family had curry chicken, it was the best! (Destry)

“Yummy” I said we got straight into eating our dinner, I was super duper happy. (Shane)

What a wonderful dinner I had last night, it was the most famous food in the world.  Guess what it was? (Freedom)

Chomp, chom, chomp!  All my food was devoured,  into my mouth, down my throat and  into my stomach but my stomach was still rumbling like there was an earthquake in there! (Noah)

Delicious dinner last night.  (Heleina)

Wow! I had the best dinner from the best cook ever, my dad!  ( Temu)

Noodles for dinner last night.  I made it!  (Toa)

Wow what a dinner I had a hot dog burger, it was yum!  (Manase)

Crunch, crunch and more crunching!  What a huge bowl of crunchy orange cornflakes with a barrel of milk and a tonne of white sugar  I had for dinner last night.  They tasted delicious!!  (Ms Vaka)    True or False?

Congratulations to CJ, Carlos, Kataua and Teuila from Rm19 for placing 2nd in the Bunnings Spring Art Project 2020.  Another Year of fabulousness Mrs Tupou and Mrs Mayerhofler!!

A big shout out to Ms Tupou and Ms Ann O for a great session at Garden to Tables, also Mrs Young for organising an awesome TAG session!!  Great way to start the term!!

Week10-Last day of Term3.

Winding down with some board games and a game of Octopus led by our lovely Ama under our new addition to FBS the COLA !    Also a huge congratulations to Carlos for placing 2nd and Penny for placing 3rd in the School Narrative Year5/6 section.  Way to go our Year 5s!   

~The witch and the cheesecake

The witch of all scrumptious desserts Mayohofiler is baking a wonderful raspberry cheesecake just for herself at 9:30 in the morning  In her lovely kitchen. The big bad Mr Avatea is stalking her silently creeping from her window. The witch doesn't even know that Mr Avatea is creeping in her house. Lalalalalalala witch Mayohofiler hums like a beautiful tweeting bird.

Hmmm how should i spike that delicious, red fruity cheesecake she's baking with my corona, said Mr Avatea. Mr Avatea speaks again, hehehe ive got a plan. When the dessert witch Mayohofiler is completely gone i’ll dash right For that cheesecake and put my corona needle in it, he planned. 

When witch Mayohofiler went out to get some fresh raspberries for her cheesecake

Mr Avatea follows his plan, He waits for her to be completely gone and

he dashes right for that cheesecake like a speedy magnet connecting really fast.

He’s about to put the corona in with his needle when he hears someone coming.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK the sounds vibrating off the walls from the door. Oh no, he whispers to himself what am i going to do.

 Witch Mayohofiler opens the door and suddenly screams like a loud, annoying school bell ringing, AHHHHHH! She drops her raspberries and calls for help. Mr Avatea punches the witch Mayohofiler with his strong muscly rock hard fists. She suddenly goes tumbling down to the ground like a fat hippo that fainted. She wakes up in a very big room that smells really bad that fish were rotting in toilet water. Mr Avatea says, these sharp needles have a very poisonous liquid inside called corona and if it pokes you, you'll suffer like those rotting stinky fish MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

You see this very yummy cheesecake, asked Mr Avatea. Witch Mayohofiler did not answer.

I’ll poke it with my needle and force you to eat it HAHAHAHA! Just about when Mr

Avatea is about to put it in, somebody runs lightning fast with so much force and tackles him down.

W-who are you, asked witch Mayohofiler. I'm captain Williams, he said. Thank you, thank you for helping me, Captain Williams cried witch Mayohofiler. Oh its alright, he says while using his magnetic rope to tie around  Mr Avatea and carries him out and takes him to prison. And i´ll take these needles away, thank you. I'm never gonna bake a cheesecake again, witch Mayohofiler sulked.


Carloz Rm 18

Evil Mrs Ama and her gossip

One late night, Mrs Mokalei and Mrs Vaka woke up from their sleep to another day of their boring life, they heard their neighbour Mrs Ama gossiping all night, throughout the night so they just couldn't sleep, they waited and waited for the sun to rise and for her to stop talking.

However two minutes later they heard a big massive ¨NOISE¨ the T.V and lights started twitching and sirens kept getting louder and louder and alarms,ovens,clocks and all electrical devices started making all these crazy noises. The news had taken over the T.V but it was glitching, lights were shining brighter than the sun.

Mrs Ama was absolutely out of hand and was on every country's news she's been reported on the news live spreading evil gossip all over the world, 

How can Mrs Ama be stopped from this disgusting evilness. Police from all over the world were hunting her. Mrs Mokalei and Mrs Vaka began to panic knowing she was next door, they were too scared they didn't want to leave their house forever. As days passed for Mrs Mokalei she felt lazier than ever before. Her breath smelt so bad! She had eaten a lot of meat causing her to get humongously fat the couch was starting to shatter into pieces. Mrs Vaka was trying to help her and getting frustrated over the past few days.Days went on and nothing changed she said to herself. Mrs Mokalei was sweating and her heart was pounding terrified of the evil gossiper Mrs Ama. Mrs Vaka took some deep breaths ¨something must be DONE¨ she jiggled Mrs Mokalei off the shattered couch and forced her to brush her teeth “boy did that breath smell¨. They headed to the car to looked for help. 

Lucky they didn't get caught by the evil Mrs Ama cleaning her hideous 101 pairs of shoes. They drove faster than Mr Moiho playing his guitar, they took a turn on Preston road and drove to get help from the local policeman Mr Ian it only took them minutes to arrive on Preston road and down to FBS. They told Mr Ian where the evil gossiper was hiding and he rushed into Mr Avateas office.

Mr Avatea came out of his office pounding his chest out in front of Mr Ian and the two scared, terrified ladies . He rushed out of the driveway knocking over Mr Ian  causing a massive NOISE BOOM< BANG<POW!!! And a dent in Mr Ians head and his own car but Mr Avatea never stopped. 

He used his powerful fist force to knock down the door, he use his super heat up the house and make Mrs Ama come running out of the house, with the power of his painful sound deafening her she put her fingers in her ears.Her heart was pounding so loud you can't even imagine how loud, Mr Avatea used his electrical eyes to force her to faint to the ground, dust shattered all around Mr Avatea and Mrs Ama never came back, all the gossip and rumor she spread all around the world disappeared and everyone lived happily ever .

Written by Penny Rm 18l


Huge congratulations to all Rm18 learners for completing their Super Hero Narrative writing entries.

A big shout out to Thursdays' 4 finalists via student vote Kataua, Noah, Penny and Carloz!!! Fabulous effort!

With some recrafting and the finalists writing being shared aloud again, another student vote took place on Friday. Well done to Carloz and Penny whoes writing was forwarded to  the Judges, it was a matter of one vote between finalists.

Caught on camera as the boys are recrafting their writing, they begin to seek feedback from each other.  Great stuff boys!Shane and Destry hard at work Drafting their writing.  Noah designing character illustrations for his story.

The beginnings, a book exchange, brainstorm and planning our Narrative.

~The witch and the cheesecake~

 The witch of all scrumptious desserts mayohofiler is baking a wonderful raspberry cheesecake just for herself at 9:30 in the morning  In her lovely kitchen. The big bad Mr Avatea

 is stalking her silently creeping from her window. The witch doesn't

 even know that Mr Avatea is creeping in her house. Lalalalalalala witch Mayohofiler hums like a beautiful tweeting bird.

Hmmm how should i spike that delicious, red fruity cheesecake

she's baking with my corona, said Mr Avatea. Mr Avatea speaks again, 

hehehe ive got a plan. When the dessert witch Mayohofiler is completely gone i’ll dash right

For that cheesecake and put my corona needle in it, he planned. 

When witch Mayohofiler went out to get some fresh raspberries for her cheesecake

Mr Avatea follows his plan, He waits for her to be completely gone and

he dashes right for that cheesecake like a speedy magnet connecting really fast.

He’s about to put the corona in with his needle when he hears someone coming.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK the sounds vibrating off the walls from the door. Oh no, he whispers to himself what am i going to do.

 Witch Mayohofiler opens the door and suddenly screams like a loud, annoying school bell ringing, AHHHHHH! She drops her raspberries and calls for help. Mr Avatea punches the witch Mayohofiler with his strong muscly rock hard fists. She suddenly goes tumbling down to the ground like a fat hippo that fainted. She wakes up in a very big room that smells really bad that fish were rotting in toilet water. Mr Avatea says, these sharp needles have a very poisonous liquid inside called corona and if it pokes you, you'll suffer like those rotting stinky fish MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

You see this very yummy cheesecake, asked Mr Avatea. Witch Mayohofiler did not answer.

I’ll poke it with my needle and force you to eat it HAHAHAHA! Just about when Mr

Avatea is about to put it in, somebody runs lightning fast with so much force and tackles him down.

W-who are you, asked witch Mayohofiler. I'm captain Williams, he said. Thank you, thank you for helping me, Captain Williams cried witch Mayohofiler. Oh its alright, he says while using his magnetic rope to tie around  Mr Avatea and carries him out and takes him to prison. And i´ll take these needles away, thank you. I'm never gonna bake a cheesecake again, witch Mayohofiler sulked.


Carloz Rm 18

Ms Young, Moiho and Te Rangimarie(Rm 20) welcome Rm17 Flaming Hot Cheetos and Rm18 Skyriders to a wonderful afternoon of arts and crafts celebrating Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori.  

An afternoon enjoyed by all !  

Basketball skills session along with working as a team with Whaea Julie. Lots of fun had by Rm18!


Rm18's beautiful Otufanga and Lata celebrating Tongan Language week.

Tongan Artist Filipe Tohi comes to talk to FBS learners, budding artists about Tongan Art and his own works/journey over the years.

Tongan arts and crafts with Mrs Fonohema and Lata/Saane's mum.

Wahanga Tuatoru, Wiki Tuawhetu - Term 3, Week 7

Rātu, te 1st o Mahuru, 2020

Challenge completed: Rm 18 vs Rm 20 "Plank challenge"

Congratulations to Penny from our room who won the plank challenge. It was a close finish with Bella (Rm20) coming in 3rd place and Tauraoi(Rm 20) coming in 2nd place. Thank you all for taking part in our challenge and practicing over the lock down!!  Here is our plank challenge video:

                                 One more sleep learners!

                       See you Monday morning 31st. 

A huge shoutout and thanks to all our whanau who have played several roles during lockdown including a key role in supporting  their children in Distance Learning. 

Learners I am super proud of you demonstrating our school values as you helped with planting, picking up riubbish, doing the dishes, laundry, vacumming and helping clean up the house.  I know your siblings are going to miss you!  Yet we at FBS look forward to seeing you back at school.  Ms Vaka

Temu, Violet, Liarne and TJ

Heleina, Issac and cousin Aiden

Penny and cousin Raylen

Rm 18 Skyriders and Whanau,

Not too long before we are back in class! Monday 31st August.

Until then make sure you:

- No1 ENJOY this time at home with your whanau!  Help out whenever and wherever you can.

-Join us on our daily meetings at 11am.  Check your gmail, where you will find the invite.  You can even join us using a phone.

-Look at working on some of the FBS Values based- Distance Learning Week 5, Term 3

-Work on additional learning opportunities on your Term3 Weekly Plan 

-Remember your Hardcopy learning pack collected from FBS

-Use this time to practise what you enjoy doing, Arts, Music, Sports etc Can you involve your younger siblings?

Don't forget the Super Hero Writing competition, you have your own copy in your writing folder.

A few of the regular Google Meet class members missing today, however great to see our newbees join us this week Lata and Ake!  Well done Ake for making your way in.

Looks like this Monday the 31st August and we will all be able to leave the computer and get out for some fitness and outdoor games that you have shared you are missing.

Although you are all enjoying  sleeping in and spending time with your families, it has been lovely to hear that you are missing Flat Bush School.  Not long to go Rm 18 Skyriders::)

Noah and Mordecai keep up the good work caring for and entertaining little Jaclyn!

Whats happening at school?

Your seeds are growing and builders are constructing a shelter so that you may play all day long protected from the rain or the sun:)  Wow!

Take a look at what some of our class members have been up to, remember to share a photo or tasks that you have been working on.  Any questions children/whanau, I'm only a text, phonecall or email away.

Ms Vaka

Rm18 learners training for Ms Young's challenge from the comfort of their beds!  Not sure if Ms Young and Moiho will be that kind.  Rm18 Skyriders were working on, focussing on the task at hand,  perseverance, physical leg strength and reaching for the stars using an alternative strategy! Congratulations to the Rm18 champion of the day Shane! 

Penny making a start on her entry for the Flat Bush Super Hero narrative writing competition.  Good on you Penny!

VJ sharing his wonderful dishwashing skills and demonstrating many of our FBS values. Well done VJ!


Noah getting an early start to a Fathers day card for his Mum:) Such a beautiful gesture I'm sure she will appreciate Noah!  

We had a few vistors to our meeting yesterday, some furry , a young sibling of Carloz, all of them making it a very interesting meeting!

Rm 18 Sykyriders,

Wow Day 3 of lockdown and hoping that I will get to see you back at school very soon!  Hoping you are enjoying this extra family time at home.

Great to korero with a couple of you on gmail, if you can make contact children, do so.

Whanau I will be in contact with you today via phone, if you are trying to contact me please do so via annev@flatbush.school.nz    

Stay home, stay safe and we at FBS are thinking of you all.

Arohanui Ms Anne Vaka

CRT - Kia Ora Rm 18.      Let the games begin      18/8/20

I hope you are all doing well during this lock down. Unfortunately we will not get the chance to catch up today for CRT so instead Mr Moiho and myself have decided to put forward a challenge for your class. Your class will be challenging Rm 17 in a leg raise hold challenge. When we are back at school we will get together and see who can do the longest leg raise hold. If you think you can master this, then you may just win the challenge for your class. If you can make a video and send it to your teacher even better: Check the video below for details.

Week 2 Term 3

Rm18 learners had a wonderful time sharing their class work and successes in learning that they are positively proud of .  Thank you to those that could make it, including those parents whoes children forgot to come with them:)

A lovely start to Week1 Term 3 celebrating Matariki, Happy NewYear!  

It was great to have all of Rm18 learners back this week, well done! They have been busy getting ready to share with their whanau, their successes that they are positively proud of. 

Thursday 1-6pm "Celebration of Success", look forward to seeing you all there !

Wk 12         29th June-3rd July

CRT Room 18 - Myths and legends

In the beginning retold by Room 18.

Walt: Make a video, retell a story, Use art work to create different pictures to match the words of the story, Use a loud clear voice, Change voices to be like the characters.

Singing with Rm 18

Here is our school song that we are learning to sing:

Matariki: We learnt about Matariki and know lots of ways to celebrate Matariki: We made our own Matariki stars.

Welcome to Term 2, Rm18 Sky Riders and whanau!

12.6.2020  Week 9

A very creative week for the children as they worked on googleslides, paintings, poems and cards. Thankyou cards for our SupportStaff who are always on hand, helping our children in their learning. A huge shout out to all 20 of them!!

I suspect VJ is drawing that guitar for our much loved FBS resident guitarist Mr Moiho.

William has found a tutorial for drawing flowers.

A few children who have chosen to carry on with an artwork which includes a painted self portrait.

Huge shout out to Peseti from Rm 19 who has shared with Noah how to design a replica of his own Lockdown Bubble house using an app.  Noah happily passed on his new knowledge with those who wanted to learn.

This week's post is dedicated to all the essential Mums, Dads, Nanas, Papas etc who took on several roles in their bubbles during the Covid-19 lockdown.  Rm18 learners insisted you were who they wanted to thank. They also insisted that each of their letters were posted, opposed to only a few examples. Enjoy reading as much as I did! 

Thankyou whanau for all the support you have not only provided for your children during the last couple of months but for myself and FBS. It is a privilidge having your children back in Rm18.  Malo'aupito Ms Anne Vaka

Dear Mum

Thank you for being an awesome mum during the Covid 19 lockdown. I really appreciate it.  You  never annoyed me while I was sleeping and let me do stuff on my own. Thank you for cooking, cleaning, loving, me and our puppy. I really love how you let me spend time with you not like usual. You are just as beautiful as a butterfly.

Thanks for helping me with my school work when I needed help and teaching me what to do when I couldn't work out times tables. You  let me try first and then after you helped me .  Thanks for helping  me sound out hard words that were like Year 7 words!

I liked you making me my favourite lasagne, teaching me how to cook a cream sauce for steak and telling me when potatoes are cooked. Thank you for letting me cut steak and eating it with you, our puppy and papa.  

For the last time thanks for spending time with me and our puppy. I liked you letting me sleep downstairs by you and never leaving me  alone. I love you forever and always.

Dear Mum,

I'd like you to know how much I really appreciated you and  wanted you to know how thankful I am to have been in lockdown with you. We are all lucky to have you as our mum , we know we are always in your heart. I am so grateful that I want to share with you how thankful I am to you for taking the time to help us with many things. I admire your hard work and the sacrifices you made for our family.

Thanks a bunch for providing strength to me when I struggled a lot with homework, Thanks for being behind my back and for the support you gave me when I needed it. 

You made a lot of sacrifices going in and out of our bubble, going to work to help the community. You  especially helped me and our bubble members getting through lockdown.

Once again thanks for all that you did. I thank you for showing me the right path and illuminating my mind. For all that you do I'm willing to dedicate this letter to you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate those days you blessed me with and made me smile with laughter during lockdown. I will never forget how my mother  has such a pure heart of gold!  Three small words , so much to add. For all your love and support a million words would be too short. The words I LOVE YOU seem to be the 3 few that express how I feel for you.  

Dear Mum, 

I want you to know how smart and wonderful I think you are . I also want you to know how much I appreciated how you supported me, Kaylah, Kwinnari and Katalyn through the Covid 19 lockdown for 7 weeks. You did so much for all of us , you cooked , washed the dishes , cleaned the house and bought all of us stuff to make all of us happy. Mum you are lovely and wonderful just like an amazing shining star.  

Thank you Mum for helping me and supporting me through my school work You always help me through my homework. You are smart and amazing like a scientist.. You always find a way for me to work out my school work. You helped me through every piece of school work. Because of your help I always got my school work completed.

It was amazing how you cooked me, Kaytlan, Kaylah and Kinnari our favourite delicious kebabs. It tasted  amazing and wonderful. I think that you are an amazing cook and I think you should try out a cooking challenge with other people. I reckon that you will win because you are the best cook that I  know of. None of us will ever forget how you cooked us those amazing kebabs. I will never forget the taste of them, it was wonderful the way you cooked them on a flaming and blazing bbq.      

Once again Mum thanks for looking after us in lockdown you are the most amazing and fabulous mother.  Mum I love you from the bottom of my heart!   

From your amazing son


Dear Mum,

I'd like you to know how much I appreciate you supporting me through the Covid-19 lockdown at home, outside with games and all of that stuff.  Thanks for all that you did. You do the washing faster than flash and you protect me better than Wonder Woman's armor. You even got me back to school when we went to Level2.

In the lockdown thanks  mum for helping me with my homework book that I received from the school, some of it was too hard for me so I was happy when I asked you mum if you could help me with my math. It took hours and hours to complete the book then I finally finished it but when I  went to sleep and woke up my dog had ate it all !

I loved that you made dinner for us and  breakfast for us.  I know that we're wasting your gas when you go shopping to get us all the food. Sorry that we wasted your money but you never complained about it, so I hope it's okay. You probably don’t want to show it but I'm sure you're actually tired of spending all your money on us.

The final thing I want to say is I appreciate you and how you supported me through the Covid 19 lockdown and every other day.  You helped me when I’m  hurt.  You pushed me a bit too hard for school but in the weekends you let me sleep at my friends house but  you always make sure I'm back before nine. You bought me things to keep me happy and only sometimes you're a bit mean ,but you're still my mum. You don't just support me, but you support the whole house at the same time. 

Lots love Timothy

Dear Mum,

I just want to say a huge thank you mum for the things that you did for me and my siblings, for the last 7 weeks of Covid-19 lockdown. I appreciate everything that you do for us including cleaning, cooking,shopping,helping with work and doing the washing.

I thank you for teaching me how to clean the living room up all by myself instead of my naughty brothers and sister helping me. If they were helping me clean the house it would probably still be a mess like an old rusty pig farm.

My beautiful mum thanks for showing me how to make cocoa rice, the reason why I like eating your homemade cocoa rice is because I like the way it tastes and also the smell.

It’s so amazing that I got you my gorgeous mum to help me with my homework just a little bit because you are brave and smart. You have a fast brain full of helpful things to make me do. Your the best!

Once again I just want to  say a huge thank you MUM for spending time with me during the Covid-19 lockdown. During the lockdown I was waiting to tell you that you are my one and only thing in my lovely big red heart. My mother is the best in the world.

Love your lovely daughter 


Dear Mum,

I’d like you to know how exquisite you are. I really appreciate you helping my family stay healthy and safe during the Covid-19 lockdown. I thank you for helping other people stay safe during this pandemic too! Thanks for trying your best with everything, making us food and putting shelter above my family.

I thank you for supporting me and my brother in our school work.   Welldone for all of your help teaching Telesia,Sitaleki and me how to speak Tongan.

I really want you to know that you're the most extremely amazing essential worker ever!! I wish I could have done something just to make you feel better so you didn't struggle with everything you're doing by yourself.

No one will forget what you have done for us,  especially teaching me how to cook chop suey and  making us your fresh, scrumptious and phenomenal food, luu sipi and otai.

You are the most extreme mother ever!! Thanks for all of your work and thank you for keeping our bubble and the community safe and healthy. You tried your best by protecting New Zealand. 



Dear Mum and Dad

I'd like you to know how much I really appreciated what you have done to keep us safe during the Covid-19 lockdown. Thanks for being spectacular helpers to me and my siblings.You’re so magnificent I want to  give you a ginormous lovely hug for the love you put in my heart. Thanks for helping me with my homework,cleaning, looking after me, my siblings and lots more!

Thanks for helping me get better when I got sick. Taking me to the doctor, even though you're so tired from work. You’re the best carers when it comes to me being sick. You're like  superheroes that just come and fix me all up whenever I'm sick. You're as helpful and caring as the NZ prime minister, respecting me when I feel uncomfortable and happy when I feel delighted.

Also a big thanks for providing food for the whanau. I love how you cook your yummy curry chops.The meat is nice and moist with the veggies on the side and some rice, that would have to be the best dinner of my life! It was  so delicious I could eat it all day long. You are the only people  in my life that make the best curry cops.  


Once again a ginormous huge thanks to the both of you. You helped me do lots of things that I couldn't do on my own. Thanks for being with me when I needed help and for teaching me how to do lots more things than I learn at school. I just want to send you guys all my love to the moon and back.

I love you mum and dad

Dear Mum😊

I’d really like you to know how much I’m extremely appreciative of  what you have done for me and the prodigious Robertson family during this stupid Covid-19 L4 and L3 lockdown period.  I liked staying with Aunty Esther, it was fun but not as much as living with you and Linda, because I was dying of boredom, it’s way more fun over at home!

Thank you so much for looking after me and the grandkids in the early bright mornings when you came back from a hard working night of work to get money for the family to go out and do the shopping during this pandemic.  

Thanks again for teaching me how to cook using your valuable time during the nights before you would go to work. It was extremely fun baking with you when you joked around. I loved how you made  warm, remarkable and delicious scones  for Linda,your astonishing grandkids and me.   

Just one last final thank you,for transferring all your knowledge to me, because you shared with me, after that lockdown I started getting brighter and brighter like the sun!  You shared so much with me every single day since I was  5! If you didn’t teach me all the things you know, I wouldn't be the bright boy I am today.

Love you from the bottom of my heart❀️❀️❀️


Dear Mum

I’d like to  thank you for looking after me and Lotu during the Covid 19 lockdown. Thanks for spending time at home the last 7 weeks on Covid lockdown with us and working hard to do the things that mums do best. Thank you for doing all the shopping,cleaning and a whole lot more. You are as amazing as the happiest person in the world.

You left our safe bubble to get the food every Monday and sometimes let me come with you to help you do the shopping .  You do amazing cooking.  I loved your cooked burgers and the ice cream you gave us on Sundays.  Thanks for the whole lot of cooking you did and setting up things  at Nanas Turangis.

You are the best mum I love you mum ! You are the best mum in the whole world. You do a lot and you deserve a  break from doing things, I will try to help. You are the most amazing mum in the whole universe and I love you for that. It’s great you will always be my mum and I won't forget  you are the most talented too,  the most important person to me in the whole entire world. I LOVE YOU.

                                                                                                           FROM YOUR SON 


Dear Mum 

I love how you looked after Massiah, Maison and I durning the lockdown at home.   It was nice how you let us play with some of your things but not all of them, it was fun playing with you.

Thank you mum for buying food for us when we would  say we were hungry and  taking care of us while we were sleeping. We were lucky you bought toys for us to play with.

It was great when you told me how to cook different recipes like for cakes, cupcakes and rolls like subways, lots of things like that . My  favourite food that you made was curry chicken. It tasted delicious.

I loved to clean with you everyday, thanks for teaching me how to do it properly. We both like to clean the house mostly everyday.I love how you help me clean my room sometimes.

You are a fantastic mother to Massiah, Maison and I.Well this the end of my letter and lockdown, thanks Mum!

For: CrystellaπŸ’œ

Dear Mum,

Thank you for everything you have been doing for me during the Covid-19 lockdown and I want you to know that I love you and thank you for helping me with everything, you are so beautiful like a butterfly.   

It was great when you cooked my meals and taught me  how to cook a cake and burgers. Thanks for making me the delicious and yummy chocolate cake. , no one can make a chocolate cake and a burger like you do! Your cakes are better than the countdown and the cheesecake shop one, the chocolate cake tastes like my birthday cake. It is yummy and delicious! I also loved that you made pancakes and chicken for me when I was at home with you.

Mum thank you for helping me with my homework and supporting me when I was doing my schoolwork.    

For the last time I want to say a huge thanks and that I love you. Thank you for spending time with me during lockdown, you are as amazing and beautiful as the sunset in Rarotonga. I was so glad to spend time with you during lockdown.

From your favourite child

Dear Mum,

I´d like you to know how much I really appreciate the things you did for me during lockdown. You have helped me with so many things like homework,cleaning and cooking.  I would like to say a tremendous thank you because you really have helped me. I´m so grateful to have a generous and fabulous mum like you! You are as gorgeous as a lovely flower.

Thank you for being there for me and my sisters during a horrendous time like that. If I was ever struggling you were always there to help me. You were always helping me with my homework and I really appreciated it, especially when you're already doing several other things for me.Things were really hard for me to understand, but when you were there,it was way easier. I did forget some of the things I learnt at school like working out fractions and algebra but you reminded me. I am just so thankful to have someone like you in my adventurous life.

Whenever I was cleaning up the house,you constantly asked me if I needed help and you were always  there to support me. I would like to thank you for that. Cleaning was a huge struggle for me especially by myself,but when you were there it was much easier. I wouldn't know how to clean properly if it wasn’t for you during that terrifying covid-19 lockdown. Thank you so much for teaching me and helping me.

Once again thank you for everything you have done for me during that lockdown period. I love you so much,thanks for teaching and helping me throughout level 4, I would not have known what to do without you! You have helped me so much. I miss you so much at school, doing all the fun things we did together when we were stuck in our magnificent house.

Love you 

Dear Mum and Dad,

I´d like you to know how much I really appreciated  you taking care of me at home. Keeping me safe from the COVID-19 I'm so thankful that I have parents like you that are really helpful when I do my homework,cleaning and also the cooking. 

This lockdown really taught me how to different things like cooking different foods  I don't  usually eat or cook at home, so I'm thankful I got to try.

No-one especially me will ever forget when we  used to have movie nights and we  watched lots of movies. Some times we ran out of popcorn and when we did we had to eat chips. I miss  that  we don't have movie nights anymore because it’s school time.

Once again thank you mum and dad for looking after me during lockdown. Thanks for teaching me different things I’ve never done before such as cooking dinner,baking and all sorts of other things.  Most of all thank you for keeping me safe.    


Dear Mum, 

Thank you for cooking lunch and dinner every day with me and scones. I thank you for helping me even when I  lose track in my work, supporting me in cleaning, school work and cooking at our big house.

My mum you were so great cleaning up all  because of my lazy brothers and sisters  were just playing fortnite and the babies were  chasing the cat running around the entire house, they made one mammoth mess in our house.  Mum you were as mad as a car running around,  yelling where the echo would come outside but when you were done yelling mum you still cleaned the living room. Thank you.  I cleaned the kitchen and my oldest brother cleaned the whole room and the hallway but the babies just sat in their room.  When we were done we would have some cold food but we had to wait until we all finished.

The best dinner  in the lockdown level3 was when you and I made spaghetti and meatballs Mum. First we started rolling the mince into balls, after that-we slipped the spaghetti into the big pot with hot water and then left the spaghetti in there for 10m . We then- put those balls into the pan , when I put the meatballs in you got a can of tomato sauce then poured all those tomato sauce in the pan and stirred them together. Next- we checked the spaghetti, when it's done we got a big bowl and tipped all the hot water  in the sink and put the meatballs and spaghetti together. Finally it was time for my tummy to eat, first wash my hands then eat.

Thank you for everything you did to try to do stuff for myself and others, thanks for kai and cleaning up our house. My brain melts like an ice block when I think about everything. 


Dear Mom

Thank you for taking care of me and making delicious food. Thank you for helping me on my homework and thank you for all of your hard work and cleaning the kitchen,living room, bathroom and all of the bedrooms. I cherish all of the hard work that you have done for this family and for being such an important role in my life and Thank you for being my biggest fan and supporting me. 

Thank you for making appetizing food for me and the family. You are the best cook in the world and you make the best food ever than any other baker in the world!. You can make different recipes that happened to be mouth-watering and delicious.

Thank you for making the house look crystal clear and making the floor look sparkling. You are as fast as a race car when you run around the house and clean the house. Again thank you for making the whole house and all of the rooms including the bathroom, making this house as dazzling

I will never forget what you did for this family and sacrificing everything that you had done. No one will ever forget what you did. You are the greatest mom in the entire world. No one will ever replace your role as a mom. I wouldn't never have gone this far without you. 

Dear  Mum and Dad.

I´d like you to know how much I really appreciated you both for being there for us during the last 7 weeks of lockdown.Thank you for helping me with my hard homework,and thank you two for cleaning the house,paying the rent all the time,providing delicious food for us,loving us with your heart.Thank you both for making sacrifices just for us during the last 7 weeks of lockdown.


Thank you both for teaching me how to braid my own hair,because if you didn’t teach me how to braid my own hair then when I grow up I won’t know what to do with my hair.

For teaching me how to cook kekevi (pancake thing in tongan)so that when you feel sick I can cook it for all of us or I could cook it for breakfast.

I appreciate you keeping a shelter over our heads and  providing a loving atmosphere at home for us,forgiving us for no matter what we do. For all the hard work you do for our family I just want to say thanks for your unconditional love and friendship. I know you sacrificed many things for us. Mum and dad I have no words to acknowledge the sacrifices you have made and the dreams you had to let go to  give us a shot at achieving ours.

Once again thank you both for always being there for me. Not just when I needed you but for when I needed you the most. I  really want you to know how much I appreciate you for bringing me into this world. Thank you two for looking out for me even when I think I didn't think I needed it. 

We are so lucky and blessed to have you as our parents. I appreciate you for giving us so much things I want to give you this  letter in return.

Talofa lava learners and Aiga.  What a wonderful week celebrating Samoan Language week.   A lot of school values were demonstrated in and around Rm18 this week, how many can you spot?

Rm 18 thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of FBS daily via Google meet.  We were all fortunate to have Rm 10 leading us in a prayer and watch some wonderful dance and singing from Rms10 and 17.

VJ, a proud Samoan ready to lead Rm 18, by sharing his knowledge and celebrating Samoan Language week with his peers. 



Rm18 Cook Island learners Temu and Penny decide they would like to learn a Samoan dance, taking this desire into their own hands they refer to a Utube clip starting with a SaSa. 

 It wasn’t long before they had a couple more girls, Freedom and Lata join them.

During lunch Rm10s Jireh and Ellice are spotted practising a dance on the school field.   Wow, it was Rm18s lucky day!   Fortunately the girls are more than willing to leave the comforts of their own class and venture out to share their expertise with Rm18 learners. Mrs Stanley also our hero of the day too.

 Fa’afetai tele lava!


 The talented Jireh and Ellice demonstrating school values.  

Rm 18 young ladies, well done for expressing your desire to learn something and independently taking steps to learn it!!!


Rm18 girls have learnt a whole dance and are just fine tuning their moves, making great progress. Practise makes perfect.  They look forward to sharing it with you all.  Watch this space…

Meanwhile Rm 18s internet has gone down.  Learners have had to close their chromebooks and spend Thursday using pen and paper

Comment of the day goes to learner Timothy

 “ Ms Vaka, are you sure Mr Avatea paid the internet bill?”


The boys have really enjoyed working on some Covid-19 Statistics Math, Ms Fernando shared with them, requiring learners to read and interpret graphs, identify the rule for a pattern, add and multiply large numbers.



Well done to all the boys for problem solving with such enthusiasm. Carloz who independently figured out the rule to the pattern. Used a few drawings to support his understandings, self-corrected a minor error in his drawings by righting the wrong in his equations and was able to share his strategies with his peers.

Friday and I read a lovely self-reflection from Kitana today.

“In class I felt awesome today, especially when I'm writing a letter to someone who I really appreciate and love.”

I know this essential person in your bubble is sure to treasure your letter Kitana!

Have a lovely Queens Bday weekend!!


Day 3 of our return and  Rm18 learners completed their "Window into their 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown" using images and words to share what they have been doing during the last 7 weeks.  


18.5.2020 Week 6  

Level 2 and it was such a joy to be back in class today!  It was wonderful listening to children's feelings and experiences about their lockdown.  The children and I  look forward to the rest of the class returning:)   

Ms Vaka says hello! (Click on the link, then the far left image)

Say hello back to Ms Vaka! (Just click on this link)  You can do it!!!

Monday 11 May 2020

Welcome to Week 5 which is hopefully the last week of learning from a distance:)

Hoping all of our Rm18 learners had a lovely day with their Mothers and other significant ladies in their lives yesterday.  A very late HAPPY MOTHER's DAY ladies!

Rm Skyriders I look forward to hearing about your day yesterday and remember to check for your morning email at 9am where you will find the link to our Google meet/class check in at 11am each day.  Lets make this full attendance this week. Don't forget you have a variety of choices with Distant Learning experiences to fill your timetable for the day up:

-FBS Values learning experiences 

-Study Ladder, remember your username and password is in your homeworkbook 

-Ministry of Education Learning Packs

-Weekly Quiz in your other documents

-Check out fitness with Mrs Young 

-Home Learning TV Progamme on TVNZ channel 2+1 or Sky 502

Ms Vaka 

annev@flatbush.school.nz .

Good on you Penny!  Hope Mum had a great Mother's day.

Late HAPPY MOTHER's DAY ladies! 

 This is a photo of my Mum and Teidyn as a baby.  I would love to see some photos of you and your Mum.

Leftovers of my Mother's day gift from my daughter Teidyn,  cake and pineapple pie which she made under the supervision of her Nana.  

Wow Kitana and her Wipani whanau!  Like many other households alot of Fitness, Tiktok and cooking filling up their daily timetable.  Not to mention the double amount of chores learners are stating they are having to do::))  Thanks for sharing!!  Take a look click on the pictures.

Still working on my computer skills, unable to rotate this tiktok:(

Wow Kitana !!  Keeping her timetable very busy, learning from a distance.  Outstanding!

Great effort from Penny working on her math and reading.  Fantastic Penny!

Fabulous effort from Noah working through Workbook and various tasks.  Welldone!

Week 4  Monday 4th May 2020

Here we go Rm18, with all of NZ staying home and keeping safe this may be our last full week in Level3 lockdown!

What will you do?  Where will you go?  Who do you want to see?  

While we are still in Level3 don't forget to join me and your fellow learners at our 11am googlemeet.

Thanks for all your wonderful efforts with  Distant Learning so far, keep it up!

Check out the hut CJ and his siblings have made for themselves outside their bubble house yet still within their bubble grounds!!

Well done to Kaho, caring for his siblings, bringing his brother and sister to our Rm18 checkin.

A couple of messages from Noah


Hope you're having a phenomenal lockdown time with your family,can’t wait to see you on the first day back to school. I miss having fun with you and the boys like William,Shane,Vj and Kaho. See you on the first day of school!

From Noah


How’s your lockdown going? Even though we go on calls everyday to play our games, muck around and do homework, I miss seeing you, Flatbush school and the boys.  I will love to see you all again on the first day back at school.  I hope you have the best last days of your lockdown as possible.

From Noah

Week 3 Tuesday 28th April 2020

Kia ora koutou,  hoping you and your whanau have had a great ANZAC weekend, the last weekend at Level4.  Well done Rm 18 learners! We can do this next 2 weeks at Level 3, staying home and keeping safe.  Learning from a distance:)

This week, from Wednesday onwards you are able to pick up a learning pack from the school library.

Please note that we will have social distancing practices in place, similar to when you visit a dairy or supermarket. We will have one in and one practice in place.

Years 5 and 6: 11.30am-12.30pm

Remember to share your work with me, or bring it to our checkin meeting so you may share with other Rm 18 learners. Bring any questions you or your whanau may have to the meeting too. 

This week make sure your being kind and helpful to all those within your bubble.  If your bubble has a set timetable for you and your bubble members with additional learning experiences, thats great!!  Send me a photo of what your whanau is doing!

Have a fanatastic week Rm 18 Sky Riders and enjoy whatever you are working on or learning within the saftey of your bubble!

Ms Vaka 

annev@flatbush.school.nz .

Take a look below at some of the work/photos the Rm 18 learners have been sharing.

Tuesday 28th April 2020 

Last week during our Google meets we welcomed Nikolas, VJ and for a brief time Kataua who made it in by phone.  Well done!

Instead of drawing his house floor plan, CJ has decided to make a model of his bubble home with a collection of words from each room.  These words will be used by him to assist CJ and our group to create a story within the next Google meet.

Alien Style ( how to wash your hands )    by Kitana                      

How to wash your hands for colourful and tiny aliens. 

Step 1: Go to the nearest tap and turn on the cold or warm water.

Step 2: Next put your hands under the water for about five seconds then turn off your tap, before using your soap.

Step 3: Use your soap or hand soap and start rubbing in between your fingers to make it very soapy. 

Step 4:  Continue washing your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds.

Step 5:  When you have finished washing your hands for 20 seconds turn the tap back on and start rinsing your hands, making sure that every little bit has no more soap on it.

Step 6: Once you’re finished rinsing your hands, turn off the tap.

Step 7: Use a towel to dry your hands and make sure to dry in the middle of your fingers too.

Step 8: Before leaving the spot you were in don’t forget to leave it clean.

Now you know how to wash your hands, I hope that I have given you lot’s of information about how to wash your hands. Remember to wash your hands before you eat,after you go to the toilet,when you come inside from playing and keep safe from germs by keeping your hands clean!  

We had a couple of new students join our Google meet Monday, Heleina and Kaho.  We were also lucky to have Mrs Mayerhofler join us too.  

A family tree displying who's in his bubble shared by CJ!  Wow gender colour coded too!

Week 2 Monday 20th April 2020

Rm18s First check in 11am via Google Meet.  How fabulous to see and talk to 8 of Rm18s learners.  What a wonderful learning experience for the children and myself.  A big shout out to William and VJ for attempting to join the meeting via phones, I'll work on figuring out how to do that, and keep you updated. 

These learners shared how they have been busy cooking, helping clean their houses, baking biscuits and cakes, working on class work, fitness activities, tiktok dances, watching TV, playing games but most of all eating alot!  They are getting bored, they miss their friends and school.  

Learners shared some of the learning tasks they were going to work on today.  We each had a turn to talk and the children learnt the art of muting their microphone and turning the camera off without accidentally leaving the meeting:)  They also learnt they could send written messages while someone was talking. A wonderful ICT and oral language learning session, Ms Vaka left the meeting at 11.45am and some children chose to stay on and talk to each other. I know because I checked back in at 12.05pm:) 

Lata shared a final message with the group "Stay home, stay safe and lets beat this virus"  All the learners agreed with her.

Manase, CJ, Kitana, Otufanga, Shane, Noah, Carloz and Lata well done for making your way to the meeting!

Rm 18, nextmeeting 11am Monday 20th:)  Give it a go, we missed the rest of you today. Look forward to seeing you at a meeting, when you can make it there.

11.03- Then there was 4 learners:)

11am Rm18s Meet and Greet. These Rm18 learners Shane and Noah were there early 10.50am.looking for me:)

A letter Rm 18 learner Kitana wrote yesterday.  Gorgeous message Kitana, demonstrating the values Manaakitanga and Atawahai.  Well done!!-Ms Vaka

Dear Magnificent Uncle Eti,

I would like to give you a huge thank you, for helping people at a horrendous time like this. 

Being a frontline worker must be terrifying. Your constantly make people smile,laugh and make them feel better twenty four seven. Even though you can catch this petrifying sickness, I hope you are staying safe at Middlemore hospital. 

Thank you for always working hard and looking after others before yourself. You are very amazing, patient,loving,helpful,caring and thoughtful, I am proud to call you my uncle. 

Love you


Rm 18 learner, Nikolas has made an early start to his learning today 6.28am, working on some of the journal book activities delivered to his house:)  Well done Nikolas!!  

Nikolas also had a big day yesterday observing and learning  about haircutting in a creative and artistic manner, as his older brother ex FBS learner Joseph took care of his 4 brothers hair, including dads. He has also been practising the values Mahi Ngatahi, Manaakitanga and Atawhai , making cups of teas for everyone and offering to do more chores within his household.  Go Nikolas, keep up the great work and learning. Ms Vaka is very proud of you!

Term 2, Friday 17th April 2020

This Rm18 learner said this morning he will get all the above tasks finished today, Thursday. I've reminded him about quality not quantity when it comes to completing tasks.  Mum has sent through this photo of him just after lunch.  A hard day with distant learning class Nikolas and with all this rain, I completely understand time for an afternoon break:)

Term 2, Thursday 16th April 2020

Kitana and her bubble members

In my bubble I have my two older sisters named Kasidy and Kaylee. I also have my gorgeous mum and my handsome dad,who is an essential worker. Also I have my beautiful nan and my helpful koro with me during this lockdown.  

Check out what Noah has been getting up to in his bubble!

Members in Carloz's bubble

Term 2, Wednesday 15th April 2020

Welcome back to Term 2, Rm18 Sky Riders and whanau!

Ms Vaka says hello! (Click on the link, then the far left image)

Hoping you and your whanau had a good Easter weekend and are all keeping safe and well during this Covid-19 lockdown?  This week I look forward to making contact with you and your whanau via email and phone.

Who's in your bubble?  My lockdown bubble consists of Ake, Teidyn,3 cats Ryley, Piper and Tonga.   Log into your gmail and send me a message or photo of your bubble members, annev@flatbush.school.nz.

My only child, 19 year old daughter Teidyn on lockdown in her bedroom during Easter weekend.  She is living between 2 bubbles, mine and her dads house where she is helping to take care of her grandparents, while he is at work.

Piper, Tonga and Ryley on lockdown! Tonga's parents are from Otara, he is the son of the grey cat that use to visit the Senior classes. My daughter came home with the other 2 girls from the SPCA.  Tonga is only 6 months old while the girls are now 1.