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"Prepare yourself a gift for your travels" 

 "Tapena sou oso mo lau malaga"

Talofa lava to our Flat Bush Aiga.  As you all know this week is all about celebrating the Gagana Samoa. Flaming Hot Cheetos, took part in singing  Pese Lotu (hymns) during our school lotu in the mornings, greeting each other and singing our favorites Samoan songs.  Our Alphabet Sasa is the highlight of our week. 

Please sit back, relax and enjoy!

Check out our Sasa to the Samoan Alphabet!



        Covid-19 Song

Don’t be scared, the virus is everywhere,

Stay, at home don’t you dare.

Please wash your hands, at all times,

Enjoy your family, while you can.

Don’t let Covid-19 win,

Keep your bubble entertain.

Talk to your friends on google meet,

That was the only way to go oh oh oh. x2

When, Arden, says school is starting again,

Monday 18 of May yay.

But keep, your distance, it’s sad but the only way,

Covid-19 go away.

I, can’t wait to hug my friends,

And, my teacher all day.

How, this is so so unfair,

I’m glad to see my Flaming Hot Cheetos.

Keep smiling, Keep learning, Keep Covid-19 away!.


Talofa families and friends of Flaming Hot Cheetos. 

It is so awesome to be back in class. What Flaming Hot Cheetos has been doing since we got back, we have been reflecting a lot on what we did as individual families during the lockdown. We used images and words to tell our story of what took place in our own homes, especially our distant learning. Flaming Hot Cheetos is very anxious to see the rest of our crew back at school. 

Flaming Hot Cheetos put together a song. It is about what took place in our individual homes and what it is like to be at school now. Please give us a feedback, we need your support.

Please our teacher - faanunua@flatbush.school.nz

Talofa lava Flaming Hot Cheetos, 

I hope everyone is keeping well, as you all know, school will start on 18 May. So enjoy your Weekend and I'll see you all on Monday. 

These are some of the learning that took place during lockdown. Awesome. 

To:  Portia

Hi its Joelle here,  During lockdown I have been doing my units, and doing my writing, from the class website, Distance Learning.

For Anzac Day I made a poster,  it had poppies, white crosses, and the words Anzac Day, and the Lest we forget.

You are my best friend, and what I like about you is that you are really kind, and fun to play with, you are so funny. I am looking forward to seeing you at school so we can walk around the field and talk about stuff, play games.

Covid 19 poem

In light of troubles we have today

There's just something i have to say

Although the days of real are long

Together as a country we stay strong.

Share your kindness, no need to be mean, think of others do you get what I mean. keep in contact with your loved ones, keep them tight and do what is right.

Take time to remember all the things and just remember what it brings. this is now the end of the poem, stay safe, break the chain and be happy. 


From tavita. 

Talofa lava Hot Flaming Hot Cheetos

Kia Ora, 

"The struggle you are in today, is developing the strength you need tomorrow"

It has been great to talk to some of the students, however it would be lovely to talk to all of Flaming Hot Cheetos.

Starting on May 4, Monday we will meet at 12pm, Wednesday 12pm and Friday 12pm.

I would appreciate if you make an effort to catch up with me and let me know what you have been doing. Please email me faanunua@flatbush.school.nz.. otherwise continue with the work that you are doing. Also keep checking our class page for updates.

Stay safe, Be kind and Take care!

Week 3 & 4 Activities

Click on the picture below to watch Joelle's COVID19 rap video, it's pretty cool! Thank you, Joelle!

Talofa lava - Flamming Hot Cheetos. 

Term 2 Week 2.

Welcome to Week 2 of Term 2.

Just saying hello and check out how are you doing. 

Just letting you know that we have a catch up chat set up through the calendar three days a week, starting Monday 21/4/20. 

  1.  Monday:       12pm
  2. Wednesday:    12pm
  3. Friday:         12pm              

I am looking forward to hear what everybody's been up to during the lock down. This is my challenge for you this week. I have a written a poem/rap for the week.

Covid-19 you are my worst enemy,

When am I going to  be free?.

I miss my Flaming Hot Cheetos,

Every morning when I look outside my window.

My bubble is keeping me busy,

Sometimes they’re driving craaaaazy.

Please Covid-19 go away,

So that I can stop cooking and cleaning all day.

I can't wait to read your poem/rap.

Hey guys here is my rap about Covid-19 - Ms Aneru 

        Stay safe and be COOL!

                            This is today's meeting - 20/04/20

Term 2: Week 1

Wow! Easter is gone and back to reality now. Hope everybody is doing well and staying safe at home. 

Just updating Flaming Hot Cheetos during the Covid-19 lock down. Here is my email faanunua@flatbush.school.nz to let me know how you are doing. Remember if your family has changed phone numbers or email addresses, please email me to let me know.


When you scroll down, there is a timetable of activities to do. Tomorrow school starts, read this timetable and follow the activities. Please keep me posted of how things are going. Let me know if you need help. 

Stay safe and keep warm. 

Remember Flaming Hot Cheetos All The Way. - 



We work for each other

  • List the jobs / chores the people in your home have

  • Write down how your jobs / chores changed during our lockdown?

  • Create a menu for today’s meals - include breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner

  • Learn your times tables.  See how quickly you can recall them.  See if you can beat other members of your family

  • Create a family Tik Tok / dance


We encourage each other

  • Send an email to a class member, share what you have done from tasks and in your bubble, encourage them to complete tasks and share back

  • When the washing has been done, hang out your own clothes and get them in when they are dried. Fold them and put them away

  • Whole whanau to trace their hand and write ‘positive’ adjectives to describe each other (everyone writes on each others hand)

  • Greet people you meet on your walks - remember to keep the 2m distance between yourselves and everyone else who is out there

  • Share with a class member something/activity your family has done within their bubble, encourage others to give it a go


We care for and respect others

  • Tidy up a space in your bubble that is not your bedroom

  • Write a letter to someone who is not in your bubble, e.g the nurses at Middlemore hospital, the Prime Minister (Jacinda Adern) or the Director of Health (Dr Ashley Bloomfield)

  • Wave to 5 people who are out on their walks

  • Offer to give someone in your bubble a foot massage

  • Listen to a story from the school website


We value others

  • Write a letter to a friend from your class telling them what you have been doing during lockdown, what you enjoy about your friendship with them , how you look forward to seeing them and what you are most looking forward to doing with them when we get back to school

  • Give thanks to someone who you would like to show appreciation for something/anything. Share orally or in written form such as a thank you  letter/card.  Either share with someone in your bubble,  if they are not in your bubble you can email it or give it to them at a later stage.

  • Learn  the National Anthem in Sign Language, or anthems of other cultures at our school

  • Plan a picnic/afternoon tea for people in your bubble..  Plan what food you will need and where you could have the picnic in your bubble. 

  • How many times can you say thank you this week for something someone has done for you?  Keep a record who and for what.

Tū Pono 

We know who we are

  • Draw a picture of all the people in your bubble and write a compliment for each of them

  • Create a photo album that includes people you value eg. family, friends. Label them and write a word that best describes each picture.

  • Learn some new words from your own culture and try using them in a sentence.

  • Design a whole page with patterns from your culture. Explain why these patterns are important to you and your whanau.

  • Research ANZAC Day and ask your Whanau if you have any relatives that are or have been in the defence forces. Make some ANZAC poppies and put them on your fence.

Mahi Ngatahi 

We work as a team

  • Make up a song/rap of how you want your family to work as a team. (Song Theme-Team) 

  • Choose a day to work outside together, each family member will have an area to cover...e.g. Garden, mowing the lawn, picking up rubbish. End of the day treat it with fun games. 

  • Help an adult to plan and cook a meal together, then ask your bubble members to give you a score out of 10.

  • Create a dance video with your siblings/whanau and send it through to the class teacher. Use what you have available around your home as instruments...e.g, spoons, wooden spoons, papers for different sounds. Also if you can dress up based on what theme you decide to call your group. 

  • Imagine you have met an alien? It has no idea how to wash its hands. Write a set of simple instructions from beginning to end. How about social distancing? Teach the Alien in a few steps and explain why?

Physical Activities

  • Walk/run up to the end of your driveway, do star jumps, walk/run back down your driveway do high knees continue for 5 sets

  • Hold a plank.  How long can you hold it for?  Who in your house can hold the plank the longest

  • Design a 20 minute fitness plan for your whanau

  • Challenge your whanau to a thumb war.  See who becomes champion

  • Amazing race outside with the whole family. Create 5 stations, 3 minutes for each station. 2 minutes to look for the clue if not found MUST do exercise like - (a) skipping 20 times, (b) squads 20 times, (c) star jumps 10 times, (d) burpees 10 times...choose only 2 activities to do. Clue will be given once exercises are completed

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