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Welcome to our class page! 

We hope you will come on our learning journey with us.

Enjoy reading our work!!!

(Room 10's page, consists of the students work during Lockdown.) 

Week 6, term 4 - CRT

This term Rm 10 has been working on NZ native animals. Through art they have created a stencil sketch of their chosen animal. They used chalk and pastels and had to learn the Maori name of their animal. They then created a class animal song.  Here is the video link below:

Ms Young & Mr Moiho

Wahanga Tuawha, Wiki Tuawha - Term 4, Week 4

Rātu, te toru o Noema, 2020

This week we have had a go at learning some tennis skills. Here are a few videos of our tennis training.

Talofa Parents & Caregivers,

Please have fun looking through our Room 10 page. What you will see on our page will be activities from the students Distance Learning during Lockdown, and when they arrived back to school.

Have fun on our journey of learning together.

Fa'afetai lava!

Mrs Stanley


Wahanga Tuatoru, Wiki Tuawhetu - Term 3, Week 7

Rātu, te 1st o Mahuru, 2020

Challenge completed: Rm 19 vs Rm 10 "hand stand challenge"

Congratulations to Pesete from room 19 who won the handstand challenge. It was a close finish with Miliama from our room coming in 3rd place and Aristotle (rm 19) coming in 2nd place. Thank you all for taking part in our challenge and practicing over the lock down!!  Here is our handstand challenge video:


Talofa lava!

Here are a couple more activities of what Room 10 did at home during Lockdown.

Jireh's Menu For A Typical Day

Morning Tea

Nutella Sandwich


Lunch Time


Bongo Chips

Potato Chips


Chicken and Rice




Milo or coffee 

By: Jireh


Mishana's & Mum's Creativeness
Please keep following our page for more happenings!!!

Fa'afetai lava!


Talofa Lava!

The following pictures are of Room 10 students and their learning from home. 

Talent In Art

Preston's drawing of his awesome car.


Sera made a pillow from used clothes.

Thank you for viewing our learning at home thus far. Keep watching out for more of our learning.

Faafetai lava!


Talofa Lava!

Hope everyone is keeping warm and safe. Unfortunately we are on Lockdown again, but we shall carry on nicely and calmly like before.

Parents, if you could please support your child with their Distance Learning Activities (shown on the FBS main page), that will be great! You can join in with their learning as well because some of the activities need a family member, this way you can all be involved with your child's learning and have fun. 

Reach out if you need any support with anything via email or text.

Faafetai lava! :)


CRT - Kia Ora Rm 10.      Let the games begin      19/8/20

I hope you are all doing well during this lock down. Unfortunately we will not get the chance to catch up today for CRT so instead Mr Moiho and myself have decided to put forward a challenge for your class. Your class will be challenging Rm 19 in a handstand challenge. When we are back at school we will get together and see who can do the longest handstand. If you think you can master this, then you may just win the challenge for your class. If you can make a video and send it to your teacher even better: Check the video below for details.


Week 2 Term 3

This week, we started off with the beautiful sounds of drumming and guitar playing to begin our Cook Island Language Week!

Here are some fabulous pictures of the students and staff of FBS wearing their pacific wear...

Faafetai lava!



Hot Shots Tennis Programme

This is the second session of tennis lessons that coach Rene has provided for our school. Today we learnt how to control the ball and how to serve the ball to the opposite corner.


Building the Hauora - Wellbeing Whare


We had a special visit from Jen at CLM sports. She helped us learn about whare tapa wha - Each of the four walls symbolises a different aspect of Hauora. Rm 10 also learnt about why we need to be strong in these four areas and that each area supports our well being to be strong within our bodies. 




Talofa Everyone!

Welcome back to Room 10's webpage. We are now in Term 3 and following are happenings of what we have done in the first three weeks after coming back from our holidays. We inquired about the six forces of energy: Movement, Electricity, Magnetism, Light and Sound. Room 10 started inquiring about Magnetism.

We also farewelled one of our Room 10 family members...Misi Lesa. All the best to you and your family's new chapter in your lives in Katikati! You will be sorely missed by us all. :(





Faafetai Lava!


Week 12

Talofa Lava!

This week is our final week of school and everyone is looking forward to their holiday break. 

Room 10 had fun this term even though it was only for several weeks because we missed being together and laughing together due to being away from seeing each other from Lockdown.

Enjoy us!


Shared Reading Time

Expression Time

Thank you for following us all term. Keep safe and be happy!

Faafetai lava!


Week 11

Talofa Lava!

This week Room 10 welcomed back a dear friend who just arrived back from being in hospital. We all missed him dearly. 

Welcome Back Dayton!!!

Here are some of Toloa Reading Group stepping up to read to the class a book! 

Malo lava Toloa Group!!!


Hope you enjoyed our happenings for 

Week 11.

Faafetai lava!


Wk 11         22nd-26th June

CRT Room 10 - Myths and legends

In the beginning retold by Room 10.

Walt: Make a video, retell a story, Use art work to create different pictures to match the words of the story, Use a loud clear voice, Change voices to be like the characters.

Matariki. We have also learnt about Matariki. We have made some Matariki stars for Rangi the sky fathers cloak.


Week 10

Talofa Lava!

This week Room 10 were inquiring on their question regarding their Student Inquiry. The topic is Kaitiakitanga (Tausi le si'osi'omaga). A lot of discussions were had, but we eventually ended the discussion around the students and their environment at home. So Room 10 students came up with their inquiry question... 

'If we were to go on Lockdown again, what can we do at home to make life easier for us and our families?'

From this question, Room 10 arrived at looking at making a vegetable garden at home. The following pictures are of two students designs of their home vegetable garden in which they are thinking of doing with their family. The vegetables they chose are what their family usually cooks with. Have a look, they're amazing!!!













Hope you enjoyed following Room 10's week of learning.

Faafetai lava!



Talofa Lava!

This week was special for FBS because we celebrated our lovely Support Staff and their ongoing support with all of us, ie, Students and Staff here at FBS.

Here are a few pictures with our precious Teacher Aide, Mrs Malu. She is just loving and caring towards all of us just like the rest of our Support Staff. 

Keep checking in to our page for more of Room 10's class happenings.

Faafetai lava!



Talofa Lava!

It's been amazing seeing the students work through the last few weeks after lockdown and they have been settling into school life really well. Malo lava Room 10!

The following pictures are of cards that the students wrote for our dear friend, Dayton, who is in hospital at the moment. The students miss him very much and wish him well on healing up quickly and then come back to school so that we can catch up with him. 

Also, the students are still working to complete their lalau 'ai (placemats) from Samoa Language week, and some of them are finished. They look absolutely beautiful with the students being creative using Samoa patterns, flowers and designs they chose for their placemats.

Lastly, the students wrote an Acrostic Poem about Coronavirus. Have fun reading a few of them.

We hope you have enjoyed looking through our page so far. Keep looking out for more of Room 10 students fantastic work!

Faafetai lava! 



Talofa Lava!

Fa'afetai tele lava ia Sa ma Pesamino mo le fa'asoaina a le tatou Vaiaso O Le Gagana Samoa iinei i Flat Bush School. 

More of what we did...

Room 10 ended off Vaiaso O Le Gagana Samoa (Samoa Language Week) with the class listening to some wonderful Samoan story books shared by our expressive readers, Pesamino and Jireh who read in Gagana Samoa, and our lovely Mrs Malu and Hayden. Enjoy looking at our pictures. What talented children! 




Thank you for reading and looking at our class page. We will continue to keep you posted with our learning.

Faafetai lava!



Talofa Lava!

Today we did a few activities for Samoa Language Week!

Enjoy our pictures of learning: We wrote a Fagogo (a Samoan narrative), we designed a laulau 'ai (place mat) for us to eat on Friday for shared lunch, and then we learnt some wonderful and creative Samoa siva from our leaders. Pesamino and Fetauai taught our boys siva, and Ellice and Jireh taught our girls siva. They were awesome!

Other photos are of beautiful people who wore their lovely puletasi around the school.


O Le Pe’a Ma Le Isumu

O le faiga uo a le Pe’a ma le Isumu. 

O aualii ia o Pe’a ma Isumu, e fealofani pe a e o faatasi e tafafao. Na o’o loa i leisi aso, fai atu loa Isumu i le Pe’a, “Ta fia pei a o ‘oe!” Ae fai mai Pe’a, “E a?” Tali atu le Isumu, “Fia faia ni o’u apa’au pei o ‘oe, e lele atu ai i le nofoaga ma lea nofoaga.” Ae fai mai le tala a Pe’a, “Amuia fo’i ‘oe e fai ou vae, e te tamo’e atu i’o, tamo’e mai i’i.” Ae fai mai le tala a le Isumu, “Ae a pe a ‘aumai ou apa’au sei ou fa’ata’ita’i i ai.” Fai mai le tala a le Pe’a, “Ia sau e avatu o’u apa’au e te fa’ata’ita’i ai, ae aua e te alu mamao. Ona e toe sau lea e ‘aumai o’u apa’au.” Sau loa ma Isumu fa’apipi’i apa’au o Pe’a. Ia lele ai loa o le Isumu ma e le’i toe sau. 

A tou va’ai nei se pe’a, e pei lava o se isumu.

Tusia e Pesamino Mino

Vasega 10





We hope you enjoyed our sharing today. Look out for more happenings with us!

Faafetai lava,

Mrs Staney



Talofa Lava!

It is the beginning of Vaiaso O Le Gagana Samoa (Samoa Language Week), and 

Room 10 started off with sharing on Google Meets our introduction to our Samoa Language Week. Here are some pictures of Room 10.


Pesamino Mino ma Sa Mulipola


Us launching the Samoa Language Week

Please keep following us celebrating our Gagana Samoa.

Faafetai lava!



Talofa Room 10!

Welcome back from lockdown! It was so good to see your beautiful smiling faces again. 

Those of you who are still at home, we miss you. So, I am going to share what Room 10 were doing in the class all week. Have a look!


We wrote Thank You letters and cards to our families and friends. We also shared our talents for Expression Time on Friday.


So, this was us back at school after lockdown!

Next week, we are getting prepared for Samoa Language Week. Watch out for our next update with our learning!

Faafetai lava,

Room 10 & Mrs Stanley



Talofa Room 10!

It was great catching up with some of you today on Google Meets!

Glad to hear that New Zealand has gone down to Level 2. This means, we can see each other again soon. Woohoo!!! But, remember this, if you are sick, you will need to stay home until you are much better. Ok?

So, sharing with you now are some more work you have been working on whilst on lockdown. Keep sharing your amazing work!

Here is Samuel being taught how to scrape a taro with a tin (Samoan styles).

Here is Sera's lovely letter to her mum on Mothers Day. 

Here is Mishana's awesome poem about Covid19.


Critically dangerous

Outrageous sickness

Void malls, shops, libraries and

    swimming pools

Indescribable time and moment for lots of  


Dying people and small funerals

1 day

9 people


Fantastic sharing lovely people!

Take care!

Alofa tele atu,

Mrs Stanley



Talofa Room 10,

How are you all? We are in Week 5 of our school week. Let's see what you have been learning at home. So starting off our week, here is a lovely and warm heartfelt letter for Mother's Day.

Here is Sam's lovely Mother's Day letter to his beautiful Mum.

Mothers Day    

Dear Mom,

You are the most beautiful mother we have ever had. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my brother and most especially our one and only sister. Thank you for waking up every morning to make our breakfast and preparing our lunches for school. Thank you for always being with us everyday, for taking us to school and picking us up. Thank you for being a kind and loving mother to us all. Thank you for never giving up on us when we don't listen to you sometimes. You always teach us the ways we should have to be, especially respecting and listening, thank you for that mom. 

We pray that our heavenly Father will continue to bless you in everything you do and give you more years to be with us and our dad. We love you so much mom!

Love from,

Samuel Lam Sam 

Here is Sa's beautiful Mother's Day card to his mum.


My Mother is the best
Offering love that never waxes old
Teaching her children wholesome 

Happiness to her, she brings
Extraordinary remarks, she says 
Rich in her natural goodness always
So beautiful like a rose

Dizzy like a busy Mum 
Amazing day like an Amazing Mum
You are the most incredible mother 


Love from your son,


Here is Mishana sharing her learning with Reading and Spelling.


… learning from home

Thank you lovely people for sharing your fabulous work with us.

Take care!

Alofa tele atu,

Mrs Stanley



Talofa Room 10,

How is it going so far? 

I see some wonderful and interesting activities happening in all your bubbles at home. Awesome sharing from a few of the students below.

Here is Mishana in pictures of being active in her bubble at home with her family. Enjoy her happenings inside and outside during lock-down.

Here are Samuel and Thomas sharing their awesome pictures of their bubble at home with their family. 


… spending quality time with family and Samuel doing chores, mowing the lawns. 

Please keep sharing your lovely work! Don't forget to make a card for mum on Mother's Day!

Take care!

Alofa tele atu,

Mrs Stanley



Talofa Room 10!

How are you all? 

Here is an interesting story written by Fetaua'i, and also some very funny jokes he came up with. Enjoy reading!


 A hamster in a can 

Once upon a time there was a hamster, and his name was August.  He loved to play with his friends Sammy the squirrel and William the hedgehog and they all lived in New Zealand. Then one day August wanted to go to Australia. 

But just before August was going to get on the airplane he thought maybe I should go to Australia, so August went to get Sammy and William.  He took them to Rainbows End. Once they got there William wanted to go on a ride called the Stratosphere. Sammy wanted to go on the Fear Fall, but they were not tall enough to go on the ride. The only rides they could go on was the Log Flume and the Gold Rush, so they went on those rides then they went and got some food. 

After they ate they went into the Kids Kingdom because they were little. First, they went on the Roller Coaster ride then went on the Surf N Swing. After that they went on the Merry Go Round then they went home.

Once they got home it was night time but August wanted to sneak off so he could go to Australia. But that night New Zealand went on Lockdown Alert Level 4 because of the Coronavirus cases in New Zealand. He was sad because it was his dream to go to Australia. 

August was determined to still go to Australia so he jumped onto a boat that had all these people that came from China. They were actually being sent back to China because Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern thought that some or one of those people had Coronavirus. Suddenly August had a feeling that the boat was not going to the right place so he felt like he had to jump out of the boat. He saw a steel can in the sea and decided to make an immediate jump into it along with his umbrella and his suitcase. He felt sad but he still wanted to go Australia.

While he was stuck in the steel can in the sea he actually felt relaxed and peaceful, but he started missing his friends Sammy and William. August got lonely and bored but then he remembered he had his suitcase with him. So he checked in his suitcase and inside he  had old photos of Sammy and William. He felt so much better when he saw Sammy and William coming on a boat and August shouted out, "Williammmmmmmm!!!!, Sammyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Over here!!!!"😩😩 But they didn't hear him. After a while of nothing, he had a bit of a rest 😰😰 and then screamed out louder but they still did not here him so he prayed a prayer and said, πŸ™"Lord, please let them hear me." 😁 Then he screamed one more time, "Wiliammmmmmm, Sammyyyyyyyyy, over here!" Then suddenly William and Sammy heard him and smiled and said, "What happened to you, you're filthy"😳😳. So he was saved by William and Sammy and he said thank you to them.

When they finally returned home, August was just happy to be home, and the three friends played at the beach and lived happily ever after. 

The End  

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ hurrayπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹



  1. What did the spider make in the computer?

A website. (hahaha)

  1. Why was the computer so cold? 

It forgot to close its windows. (hahaha)

  1. What does a baby laptop call its father?

Data. (hahaha)

  1. Why did the powerpoint cross the playground?

To get to the other slide. (hahaha)

  1. What did the frog say to the bird?

What’s up? (hahaha)

  1. When does a computer need footwear? 

When it's rebooting. (hahaha)

Don't forget to keep sharing your lovely work!

Take care!

Alofa tele atu,

Mrs Stanley



Talofa Room 10!

Great to see some of you sending through your activities.

Have a look at Thomas reading and Samuel writing his Mother's Day card in the pictures below.


… having fun reading


… sharing his Mother’s Day card

Keep sending through your work lovely people.

Take care and stay safe!

Alofa tele atu,

Mrs Stanley



Talofa Room 10,

Please listen to this wonderful THANK YOU to our community from Sa! Click the picture below.

Malo lava Sa and Dad!

Take care everyone. 

Alofa tele atu,

Mrs Stanley



Talofa Room 10,

I would like to acknowledge the following students because they had birthdays in April.

H A P P Y     B I R T H D A Y 
T O 

Take care!

Alofa tele atu,

Mrs Stanley



Talofa Room 10,

How are you all? Hope you're all doing well in your bubbles.

Well done to those who have emailed me. It was awesome to hear from you. Keep sharing!

Please continue to email me if you need help with anything.  

Well done to Amina for sharing her scrumptious Menu. I might just follow it myself.

Have a go at following Amina's menu below...

Amina's Fanau Menu




Hot chocolate/ Milo









Small cookies





Shepherd's Pie






Ice cream

I will email you all sometime this week to let you know what else is happening.

Take care! 

Alofa tele atu,

Mrs Stanley



Talofa Room 10!

How are you all doing? 

Can you all please follow the timetable on the front page and try out the activities. 

Please remember to keep reading and learning your times tables as the main things to do daily.

That is, read two books and write out your times tables ten times a day. 

Please email me on siligas@flatbush.school.nz if you need to ask about anything.

Take care!

Alofa tele atu,

Mrs Stanley



Talofa Lava Room 10,

How are you all going?

All the activities are under Distance Learning on the main webpage.

Have fun and please share any work you have done. Would love to see your activities.

Please email me on siligas@flatbush.school.nz if you need to ask about anything.

Alofa tele atu!

Mrs Stanley