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FBS Whānau Feedback

We would love to hear feedback from our FBS whānau on what you like about our website as well as any areas we may be able to improve.


Comment by Mr Avatea on 8 June 2020 11:11 AM:

It is exciting see the wonderful learning experiences that are being shared on our class pages. Thank you to all of our amazing FBS learners and their teachers.

Comment by Tania Hinga on 9 June 2020 10:11 AM:

A huge thank you to our wonderful families for their support during the Level 3 and Level 2 Lockdown. It was difficult at times to adjust to the 'new' normal but you all stepped up and supported your children and our school. Flat Bush forever!!

Comment by Theresa on 16 June 2020 9:18 PM:

great to see you all back at school room 22

Comment by Antonio Turi-Fa'aoso on 24 June 2020 5:34 PM:

Kia ora Flat Bush school,
Just want to say a huge thank you to Mr williams and Mr Avatea for Announcing Me as the new 2020 student councillor And remember,

Comment by William Turi-Fa'aoso on 24 June 2020 5:48 PM:

Kia ora Flat Bush school,
I want to say a massive huge thank you to Mr Avatea & Mr Williams for giving me the opportunity th become the new 2020 student concillor and Miss tania for the new student concillor T-shirt.

Comment by Mrs Boyd-Crofskey on 25 June 2020 12:14 PM:

Congratulations to all the wonderful children chosen to be Student Councillors - I know you are all going to be awesome!!

Comment by Whaea Dinah on 27 June 2020 6:29 PM:

Thank you Miss Patterson for sharing the progress for your learners via your class page.

Comment by Ms Russell and Room Five on 29 June 2020 9:38 PM:

A massive thank you to all the students and staff of FBS for sharing your work with us. Room Five and I have really enjoyed scrolling through the pages and seeing people that we know and their amazing work! Keep up the great work everyone :)

Comment by Mrs Boyd-Crofskey on 30 June 2020 8:39 PM:

I really enjoyed learning about thin and thick questions. Nice job Katutu and Janne in Room 9!

Comment by Sa Mulipola on 6 July 2020 9:01 PM:

I like reading books!!!!

Comment by Mrs Mayerhofler on 26 July 2020 7:50 PM:

Great to see the Matariki celebrations on the class pages that were occurring in our school over week 1. The boil up looked delicious! Well done everyone!

Comment by Antonio Turi-Fa'aoso on 6 August 2020 6:18 PM:

Great to see all the cook island kids
dressed up it such wonderful cook
island outfits.

And remember,
FBS forever

Comment by Mr Avatea on 9 August 2020 3:44 PM:

Meitaki ma'ata to everyone who contributed to making our 2020 Cook Islands Language Week celebrations so memorable. We are so grateful to have the support of our amazing FBS anau as well as the hard work and effort of our staff. Kia manuia.

Comment by Antonio Turi-Fa'aoso/2020 student Concillor on 11 August 2020 10:50 PM:

Sorry flat bush primary school but heard on the News that we are moving to level 3 lockdown.
So remember to stay safe and take care.
And remember,


Comment by Mr Avatea on 19 August 2020 12:55 PM:

Thank you to all of our FBS staff and learners for contributing to our updating our class pages. As we work through Level 3, it is nice to be able to see what is happening in all of our classrooms. Thank you all for the hard work and effort.
Flat Bush Forever!!

Comment by Mrs Boyd-Crofskey on 24 August 2020 7:04 PM:

I'm really enjoying being able to go onto the webpages and check out everyones work. Nice job Irae, Filemu and Saraphina in Room 22! You are all superstars!

Comment by Teuila Foliano on 31 August 2020 10:34 AM:

Nice to know that school is opening but i am no coming.SORRY

Comment by Mrs Boyd-Crofskey on 10 September 2020 8:29 PM:

So impressed with the fabulous maths learning done in Room 21 this week. Loved all the smiles and team work! Nice job. Looks like some amazing Science learning too - you will have to show The Puzzle Pieces how you did that!

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