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2019 Photos

Photos from events that have been taking place in and outside of our school

Curriculum Evening

Thumbnail: Curriculum Evening
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Photos from our Curriculum Evening showing our learners and their whānau working on activities for Reading, Writing and Mathematics.
Thank you to all FBS whānau who joined us for this wonderful learning time.
FBS Forever!!

Cook Island Language Week 2019

Thumbnail: Cook Island Language Week 2019
21 Images

Photos from our 2019 Language Week celebrations. Enjoy the colour, vibrancy and excitement of our FBS learners as they learnt more about the culture and heritage of the Cook Islands.

Samoa Language Week

Thumbnail: Samoa Language Week
16 Images

Photos from our celebration of the language of Samoa and its amazing culture.

FBS Corporate Challenge

Thumbnail: FBS Corporate Challenge
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FBS learners recieving free bikes as part of our school's relationship with Simpson Grierson lawyers and Chorus Broadband.

Nick Tuitasi

Thumbnail: Nick Tuitasi
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Thursday, May the 16th we welcomed guest speaker Nick Tuitasi to talk to our whānau about the challenges of parenting in the 21st Century.

Term 1 100% Attendance

Thumbnail: Term 1 100% Attendance
20 Images

Celebrating our FBS learners who have been at school 100% in Term 1.

Eye on Nature

Thumbnail: Eye on Nature
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Ms Russell and our extension art students with their award winning creations.

Hospice Walk

Thumbnail: Hospice Walk
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FBS Staff supporting the South Auckland Hospice by joining in the 2019 walk at the Botannical Gardens

Mauri Ora Concert

Thumbnail: Mauri Ora Concert
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Learners from Whiria nga Tamariki (Rm20) in action

Marcus Akuhata Brown visits

Thumbnail: Marcus Akuhata Brown visits
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Guest speaker Marcus Akuhata Brown shared words of inspiration for our FBS staff ahead of the beginning of T1.

2019 Classes

Thumbnail: 2019 Classes
39 Images

Check out our cool classrooms and their amazing learners and teachers.
FBS Forever!!

Staff Day T1

Thumbnail: Staff Day T1
30 Images

Team Building activities at Wero Whitewater Park